Q & A

Is it possible to change the scale?

You can change it to the extent possible.

There is no additional charge for changing the scale.

However, the low-pitched sound depends on the size of the body, so it may not always go as desired.

Can I play by hand?

However, playing by hand is like playing a drum or metallophone by hand.
Propanota is supposed to be played by mallets.

I don’t think it’s difficult to play by hand, but at first you may not be able to play well.
It is important to relax and play gently.

Do you have any tips for playing?

The most important thing is to make a quiet sound.
Anyone can play at normal volume.
However, you can bring out the most beautiful sound by keeping a small sound in mind.
And it is also the most difficult to make with a small sound.
As a result, you will be able to produce a beautiful sound even if you play it at a normal volume.

Can I make it with Solfegio frequency?

It is possible, and you can make it on other frequencies.

But there is one big problem.
This type of instrument is structurally “low” at some point.
This is because the sound part continues to vibrate, causing metal fatigue.
The deviation of the sound depends on the playing method.

The Solfeggio frequency is a strict frequency.

Most people don’t know if the 1 Hz sound goes down.
I do not understand either.
But It’s not Solfegio, even if it’s one hertz lower.

You can adjust it immediately if you are in Japan, but shipping costs will be incurred overseas.

Please understand that point.

How much can you change the sound with magnet tuning?

Magnet tuning only lowers the sound, not higher it.
Normally, I choose magnets to be about one note lower.

By using a larger magnet, you can lower it by a few notes.
Please contact me as it depends on the scale you want.

How long is the delivery time?

It is case by case depending on the order status and contents.
In Japan, it takes about 2 weeks from ordering to production to delivery.

Currently, it seems that it takes about 2 weeks on average to ship outside Japan.

How much is the shipping fee?

It may cost about $ 20 for a weight of up to 2 kg, but it varies from region to region.
We will check the shipping fee and inform you when you contact us.

If it exceeds 2 kg, it will be close to about $ 50.

Please tell me the payment method?

You can pay by card via Paypal.
By using PayPal, we can maintain mutual safety.

Please tell me how to order?

Please order by email.

I think you will have to exchange emails several times.
It’s to find the best for each other, so don’t worry about it.

I translate Japanese into English by Google Translate.
Let’s use Google Translate to get along and interact with each other.