Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law


Name of sales company
sugai hajime
location 〒125-0063 3-7-8 shiratori katsushikaku tokyo Japan
telephone number (+81)03-6873-9593

email address
Chief operations officer sugai hajime
Additional fees such as additional fees ・transfer fees
Exchanges and Returns (Refund Policy) If you wish to return the item, please contact me within one week.

If the return is due to my fault, such as a defective item, I will pay the shipping fee.

Due to the nature of most products being made to order, I do not accept returns due to customer circumstances.

Delivery time Orders will be processed within 3-5 business days.
Shipping time is 1 week or more. Depends on stock and order status.
Acceptable payment methods Credit card or domestic bank transfer
Payment period Credit card payments will be processed immediately, but domestic bank transfers will be processed within 10 days of receiving the product.
Selling price Amount stated on each product page


販売業者 スガイ打楽器製作所
代表者氏名 菅井肇
所在地 〒125-0063 東京都葛飾区白鳥3-8-7
電話番号 03-6873-9593
ホームページURL sugaiperucussion
販売価格 商品ごとに掲載
商品代金以外の必要料金 振込手数料
お届け時期 1週間~それ以上。在庫、受注状況によります。
お支払い方法 銀行振り込み /  カード払い
返品について 返品ご希望の際は1週間以内にご連絡ください。



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