It’s already about 15 years ago.

As a percussion enthusiast, I was looking for a wooden slit drum on the internet.

The “disk-shaped musical instrument” that I happened to see at that time.

When I listened to the sound, it sounded very beautiful.

I soon wanted it.

However, almost at the same time, I was convinced that “this can also be made with a propane cylinder.”

This is the moment when the target changes from “wooden” to “metal”.


History of metal tongue drum Propanota.


At that time I was working as a fireworks craftsman.

On holidays, I enjoyed the percussion life by playing and making percussion instruments.

At one point, I wanted a “Udu Drum” that originated in West Africa.
And I tried various materials to make Udu drum.

At that time, I arrived at the “propane tank” as a material.

Because of that experience, I was convinced that the “metal disk-shaped tongue drum” I saw on the net could also be “made in a propane tank.”

I could make percussion instruments out of wood and leather, but I couldn’t process iron.

So I went to the iron factory where I had the “udu drum” made and asked them to make a propanota.

Iron factory craftsmen can process iron but do not know how to make sound.

Of course I don’t know either.

For a while, I was making prototypes.

However, I thought that I couldn’t make what I wanted to make by asking people, so I decided to quit my job as a fireworks craftsman and concentrate on making propanota.