What is a Propanota?

You can enjoy the three elements of music “rhythm,” “melody,” and “harmony” with one unit.

《Anyone can enjoy it on the spot immediately》

The metal slit drum “propanota” is a coined word that I named. It comes from the fact that propane gas cylinders were used as the material at the beginning of production.

It is a completely new musical instrument that has begun to be produced all over the world in the last 15 years or so.

In other words, it is not something that “has been used for a long time in some country” like a normal musical instrument.
Therefore, there was no fixed name.
Each manufacturer has its own name.

In the classification as an instrument, it is called “slit drum”, “tongue drum”, “tong drum”, etc.

It has a disc-shaped striking surface made of metal with a notch (slit), and if you tap the slit with a drumstick or by hand, it will give off a wonderfully beautiful sound.

It is possible to add a scale depending on the length of the notch, and you can also play a melody like a xylophone or a metallophone.

The gentle and beautiful tone allows not only the performer but also those who are listening to it to relax without being uncomfortable.

《 Three features of Propanota 》

◎Features as musical instrument specs

  • Many notes (with octave)
  • Can have a built-in pickup microphone
  • Lineup from bass to treble
  • It looks cute and doesn’t feel like an instrument

◎Features in performance

  • No need for knowledge of sheet music or hard practice to make sounds
  • It is possible to change the tone such as swimming cap mute
  • The three elements of music, “melody,” “rhythm,” and “harmony,” can be expressed in one.

◎Intention of the creator

  • Emphasis on ensemble with other instruments rather than playing alone
  • Attitude to meet the needs of users as much as possible
  • Aim to be unique

《Concept of making musical instruments》


I personally enjoy playing “percussion instruments” from all over the world.

If you play multiple percussion instruments, there is no doubt that there will be a synergistic level up even if the playing style and rhythm are different.


If you can play with free ideas by incorporating not only the traditional styles that are handed down in various places but also the playing styles of other percussion instruments, you will be able to enjoy the percussion instruments more deeply.


Most of the propanota are used as “healing” because of their tone, but I would like them to draw out other charms and play with free ideas.


In addition, since it is a new musical instrument, we are aiming to raise the level of the musical instrument while incorporating as unique an idea as possible.


Although it is an “instrument”, it is just a “tool” that produces sound.
Ideally, any tool should be easy to handle.
However, there are many musical instruments that are difficult to learn without a strong will.


Propanota can improve by playing without such a strong will.


Of course, it will be even more fun if you can practice and use “tools” like a part of your body.
It looks cute and has a strong presence. Please use it with your ideas.

《 Common functions of Propanota 》

・Mallet storage → cute appearance

・Tuning magnet → You can change the scale

・Swimming cap mute → You can stop the afterglow

・Post-it playing method → Enjoy the sound like an electronic sound.

・Noise generation function → Generates a small amount of noise


《 Price and size of each type 》Shipping fee is separate

sound price diameter height weight
6 sounds(P6)   22cm 12cm 1,6kg
Double-sided scale(Pw)  
12sounds(P12)   25cm 18cm 2,8kg