sugaipercussion.com  is an individual workshop that manufactures and sells metal slit drums “Propanota”.

What is a slit drum ?

It is one of the percussion instruments that makes a different sound by making a notch in the surface of a box with a hollow inside and hitting the notch.

Wooden instruments have existed all over the world since ancient times, but “metal, disc-shaped” musical instruments have begun to appear all over the world around the last 15 years.

It’s easy to play, and you can play a song with a gentle tone or a song depending on the scale by just hitting the surface lightly.

You can enjoy the three elements of music, “melody, rhythm, and harmony,” with one instrument.

It is also called “tongue drum” because the shape of the sound board resembles a tongue.

Propanota is the name I gave it.
This instrument is named by the creator.

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How to buy

You can purchase from stock or from individual orders.

There are many individual requests for colors and scales, and as a result, the ratio of individual orders (custom orders) is high.

All products

There are the following 3 types in the product list

◎In-stock items that can be shipped immediately

◎Made-to-order products

◎Items related to custom orders

Environmental healing usage

Random sounds like BGM

The gentle tone of the propanota echoes modestly.

For relaxing at home or creating a quiet space

USB connection from a mobile battery or outlet.

Everything fits inside the case (mobile battery not included).


I hope you can relax not only by the sound but also by watching

About custom orders


Fifty people tried to play Maurice Label’s “Bolero”.
Children in charge of melody practice for about a month.
Adults touched the instrument for the first time on the day and it was their first performance.

One of the performance ideas.

Performance while wrapped in “air packing sheet”. While the volume is reduced, the rustling sound echoes comfortably in your ears.

“People who want to enjoy a deep lingering sound”. Occasionally the sound will reverberate later. The volume is played modestly.

Improvisational sound play
Propanota, Propa de, and a toy pig.
The propanota uses a swimming cap mute to stop the lingering sound.

Sugai Percussion products are unique.
The tongue drum, which is characterized by a healing tone, can also produce a noisy and aggressive sound depending on the idea.

Relax as BGM without playing by yourself.
It’s a modest volume, but it makes the sound randomly.