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ー Strengths of Propanota ー

ー How to buy ー

You can purchase from stock or from individual orders.

If you are in Japan, you can also choose directly at the garage.

ー Recommendations by situation ー

live performance

As a unique percussion instrument


for yoga & meditation

Enjoy the sound freely.

It’ okay even for beginners

play with children

Appearance is also important

As an interior

No problem.80% of people give up playing an instrument halfway (in Japan)

ー Product ー

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P12 ( order made )



50 people took on the challenge of “Bolero.” The children have already practiced the melody beforehand. Adults played instruments for the first time on the day.

Mute playing method using the included swimming cap. The mysterious acupressure point instrument “Udu” also feels good.

One of the performance ideas. Performing while wrapped in a “bubble wrap sheet”. Although the volume is reduced, the rustling sound resonates comfortably in your ears.

For those looking for a unique percussion instrument. The “swaying noise” is exquisite. “Healing” alone is not enough.

It’s fun to play at a loud and intense pace, but it’s also very pleasant to have a rhythm that moves slowly and subduedly. Playing music with three people meeting for the first time.

“Automatic play”. It plays sounds randomly, including the strength of the sound. The volume is modest, but it’s comfortable.