how to order

All instruments are made to order.

Orders will be exchanged by email.


You can mainly order “scale”, “key”, “color”,  etc.


My language is Japanese.

I understand Spanish and English, but I don’t know anything about other languages.

Please send emails in Japanese, English, or Spanish.

I think we will be exchanging emails several times.

I’m thinking of using “video” to check the sound.

The audio of the video will be “Japanese” or “Spanish”.

When I receive your order, I will inform you of the “delivery date”, “amount” and “shipping cost”.

Please pay via Paypal (payment later).

Please be assured that you can cancel your order even after the instrument is completed, as long as it is not shipped.

I will send you an email when the instrument is complete.

After that, the instrument will be uploaded to the HP shop page, so please follow the instructions to purchase it.