Beautiful design and overwhelming density

This is a special paint that we ask the painter Fuyuki, a propanota user.

She takes care of every single color and painting by hand.

Although she drafts as a design idea, she draws the production directly without drafting.

To protect the pattern, I will give the final finish of the clear paint (powder coating).

From full drawing to the bottom of the instrument to partial painting, we can request it in a form that suits your needs.

It takes time because it requires a lot of concentration.

This type is basically manufactured in a “round shape” with the tip of the sound board rounded (no additional charge for the round sound board).

You can choose your favorite type such as 6 scales, 8 scales, 15 scales (double-sided scales are not possible).

There are three prices, “$ 50, $ 150, and $ 300” depending on the density of the picture.

《 MANDARA 》Price & design example

《 Full Paint 》$ 300 (musical instrument price will be charged separately)







《 Partial paint  》$ 150 (instrument fee will be charged separately)


Delusional plant

《 Partial paint 》Other designs 

This type is no longer in production. Please use it as a reference for your design proposal.

– Geometry series – 





– Geometry series – 

Random dots

Blue tile

Pink tile

– jewelry – 


– Tribal series – 





– Paisley series – 




Center only (small)

Sound board (around)

Space other than the sound board

Center only (large)

All sounds

Design that ignores the sound board

Only one sound

Sound board (edge)

Side only


How long is the delivery date?

Depending on the design, it will take more than a month (it depends on the order status of the instrument itself).

For example, is it possible to have only one sound board draw a picture for $ 150?

I think it’s difficult to achieve a density of $ 150 with a single note. Since it is set according to the density, area size, color variation, etc., please consider that one sound board is about $ 30.

If I give you a design proposal, can you draw it?

Please let us know if you have a design preference or a clear image.

However, it depends on the product whether it can meet the absolute expectations.

If you can come up with a clear idea, I think it is faster to draw it yourself.

Is it possible to specify the color to be used?

It is possible.
Basically, it is drawn in black (or white) + red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, and light blue (in some cases + white).

Please let us know if you want one color.

We also have green, blue, pink, soft red, and brown, which we don’t usually use.

If I specify a motif, will it always have the same pattern?

It will be relatively similar.

We are trying to have a wide range of variations, but since the people who draw are the same, it is not surprisingly different.

If necessary, we will send you an image rough before drawing, so we will check it before starting drawing.

In that case, it will take time to exchange the design, so please be aware that the delivery date will be delayed by that amount.

Is it possible to add a background color?

It is possible to color the base with a single color.

Will the paint come off?

Since the finish is a clear paint that is baked, I don’t think it will “peel off” when used for normal performances.

Of course, there is a risk of being scratched by hitting with a sharp object or hitting an object.
It is still unknown what kind of changes and deterioration will occur after many years of use.

– Precautions regarding MANDARA –

– How to order –

・Select the desired instrument type (MANDARA cannot be ordered for the double-sided scale type)
・Select the desired design and price by referring to the design proposal (please specify the color of the base if you wish to paint the base)

Please contact me by email or place an order

After confirming the contents, I will reply you with the price, rough delivery date, etc. (The price is basically the instrument price + paint price, but if there are options etc., I will calculate and inform you).

Please note that depending on the content of the design, we may exchange emails multiple times.

Please order this item from the email form below.

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