<< Automatic performance of ambient music >>

The volume is never loud.

However, if the volume is not this level, you will find it “troublesome”.

It is an image that echoes behind the “quiet space”.

Not only can you hear the sound, but you can calm down even if you are looking at it.

Three important points

・Not only the sound but also the movement changes, so you can feel at ease even if you look at it.

・It can be stored compactly and can be used in various places.

・What you can do by keeping it spinning for a long time.

・Price: $ 30

・Diameter: about 7 cm

・Height: about 12 cm

・ Accessories: Hex wrench for tightening (2 pcs), USB connection cable

It is sold as a set with an instrument

Since it is a USB connection, it can be powered from a mobile battery or an outlet.

Mobile battery is not included.

Parts and settings (Japanese audio)

This is also “mute”

The muted sound is unexpectedly comfortable as if you were listening in the water. Please try.

Two problems
・ Sometimes the motor makes a strange noise
・ The ball gets caught by the magnet

Motor noise

You may hear a snarling sound of the gears.

This may be due to individual differences in the motor.

Grease is applied to the gear part, but it does not fit completely.

It does not always make a strange noise, but it may occur.

In many cases, the abnormal noise can be subsided by stopping it once and then starting it again after a while.

I think that the only way to eliminate abnormal noise is to change the motor itself.

In that case, it seems that the current compactness cannot be realized.

Twirl is “weak”

The twirl wire is a 0.3 mm piano wire. Of course, it sticks to the magnet.

By hitting the magnet on the striking surface, not only does it rotate on the surface of the twirl, but it also causes bouncing movements.

You may get stuck in the magnet.

If you play the ball lightly, it will start moving immediately.

Also, please be aware that although it can be solved by changing the rotation speed or the position of the magnet, there is a possibility of “getting caught”.

* There is a solution by processing, but I am worried that the “easiness of magnets” will be lost.

“I want to hear the sound rather than play”

I enjoy playing percussion instruments widely.

And musical instrument performance has always been ranked high in the “hobbies I want to try”.

Based on such circumstances, everyone thought that they would like to enjoy the performance.

However, I hear quite a lot of voices saying “I want to hear this sound rather than playing it myself” through events.

In addition, there was an occasional request that “I wish the sound would sound automatically.”

“Is it automatic performance?” Remained in the corner of my head, but I didn’t think so seriously.

I also received a report from a teacher at a school for special needs education who had previously paid a propanota, saying, “This sound seems to be very good for children.”

However, it is often difficult for children with disabilities to make good sounds.

It is not possible for the teachers to always make a sound next to them.

At that time, the image that I was sick of was “If the sound is automatically heard, a gentle sound may be delivered to children with physical disabilities”, and a concrete motive emerged.

At first, I tried and errored with the aim of “sounding with the power of nature” without using electricity, but this is not what I expected. ..

I can’t move forward at all if I just stick to it, so I changed my mind and ended up with something like this.

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